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Cardi B Explains Why She Gets Offended Being Called Mexican When She’s Not



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Cardi B Says She Feels Offended When People Call Her Mexican

Cardi B Says She Feels Offended When People Call Her Mexican

Cardi B recently went off on TikTok star and social media influencer Raymonte, for calling her “very ghetto” while comparing himself to her. Again, the Bronx rapper is making it know she feels offended when she’s called a Mexican because she’s not.

“I feel offended that people call me Mexican and stuff because I’m not Mexican. I’m not Mexican,” Cardi began on TikTok live.

“My nationality don’t have the same culture, we speak the same language, we have different dialects, We don’t eat the same food, we don’t eat the same nothing. Call a Nigerian a Ghanaian, call a Haitian a Jamaican, call a Jamaican a Haitian.. and you tell me how they’re gonna feel.”

She continued, “And not only do y’all don’t me a Mexican, y’all call me a dirty Mexican. So of course I’m going to defend myself every single time you guys do it. You’re not going to keep erasing my nationality.”

“Never in my life growing up did I ever heard of anybody call me a f*cking Mexican, so it’s like why the f*ck… when I was coming up y’all wasn’t calling me that. But now y’all do call me that,” Cardi added.

The video went viral and fans reacted to it. “Don’t she ever get tired of fighting on the internet girrrl,” someone commented. “She just wants to be black so she can say ni**a freely. she’s not black and neither are her parents,” another person wrote. “She fabricates her own drama daily… I can see why old boy stepped out on her… She s problematic…” someone else added.

Yesterday, Ice Spice and Cardi shut down beef rumors as they share photos of themselves online, celebrating their Dominican roots, after clarifying a little misunderstanding during the exchange with Raymonte.