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Gucci Mane Disses Diddy & Yung Miami In New Song “TakeDat”, References Allegations



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Gucci Mane Takes Shot At Diddy & Yung Miami In New Song “TakeDat”, References Allegations Against Them
Gucci Mane Takes Shot At Diddy & Yung Miami In New Song “TakeDat”, References Allegations Against Them

Gucci Mane is currently trending after referencing Diddy and Yung Miami in his new song “TakeDat”. The song appears to be a straight diss at at Sean “Diddy” Combs with shots on the side aimed at Diddy’s alleged s*x worker, Caresha.

The song was accompanied with a music video and cover art that mocks the disgraced rapper’s most iconic moments.

Gucci did not hold back with the shots, as he references several of Diddy’s alleged crimes in his lyrics, including claims about Yung Miami. “I got a young Miami bitch from the city / I’m spendin’ money like a trick, no Diddy / I rock pissy yellow diamonds, no Diddy /But she can’t be underage, no Diddy (Ugh),” he raps on the first verse.

Fans are not so impressed with Gucci’s antics and have since been reacting to the new song. “This song is trash. It’s only getting traction because he’s referencing Diddy,” someone commented.

“I think its corny how people kicking a man while he down and he hasn’t even been proven guilty of anything YET by law and also that a lot of these people talking mess about Diddy have criminal records as well as if they never committed crimes and done file sh** but it’s good to see who these people are they really showing their true colors!” another person wrote.

On the song, Gucci also raps about earning platinum plaques for his artists and taking out his ops, ending each of his bars with the phrase “No Diddy”, and going extra mile by making it the chorus of “TakeDat”. “We gettin’ higher than a kite, no Diddy,” Gucci raps during the opener.

“See my artists double plaque, no Diddy. Sippin’ on yak, no Diddy. Couple n**gas got whacked, no Diddy. “Keep the shooters with the strap, no Diddy.”

In the song’s visuals, Gucci Mane recreate an iconic scene from The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa” video, Diddy posted up in a bathtub with women in the 1994 video, and Gucci responds by doing the same thing while shouting “No Diddy.”