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Lil Duval Burst Into Song When Asked About JT & Yung Miami Beef



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Lil Duval Starts Singing Gospel Song When Asked About City Girls Breakup
Lil Duval Starts Singing Gospel Song When Asked About City Girls Breakup

Lil Duval is known for his sarcastic humor content on social media, sharing his thoughts on situations and trending topics and one would think he’d be down for a lengthy discussion in real life.

However, that’s not the case. He’d prefer to stay out of people’s business in real life.

TMZ recently caught up with the comedian, musician and actor in NYC, and attempted to get his thoughts on his homegrown hip hop stars City Girls, amid their breakup rumors. But what they got was an impromptu gospel concert.

When a lady reporter for TMZ approached him and asked about Yung Miami and JT’s situation, he trolled them by starting to sing Gospel song and the lady was caught off guard that she didn’t know what next to do.

“TMZ tried to ask me some questions today in NY. I started singing gospel. The lady ain’t know what to do,” the comedian shared on X, formerly Twitter.

The clip has since gone viral on social media, garnering reactions from netizens. “Because what business would he have commenting on their situation anyways,” someone commented.

“Lil Duval said “God isn’t the author of confusion” and all ain’t bout to put me in no mess. Bro, broke out in a good hymn,” another person wrote. “He did the right thing. No reason to stir up any more mess,” someone else added.

Couple weeks back, Yung Miami and JT went at it on Twitter, exchanging words on the platform. Their feud took a lot of fans by surprise. Seeing the City Girls duo go at each other isn’t what any of us saw coming and it seems to confirm that the City Girls have split.

Although the City Girls squashed their beef, professing love to each other, the question still remains, has the City Girls broken up?