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Lil Uzi Vert’s New Merch At Coachella Turns Eminem Into “THEMINEM”



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Lil Uzi Vert's $40 Coachella Merch Changes Eminem To “THEMINEM”
Lil Uzi Vert’s $40 Coachella Merch Changes Eminem To “THEMINEM”

Lil Uzi Vert has been a subject of discussion since their performance at Coachella last night. During their performance, the rapper teased coming out of the closet and even used the festival for a dry run of their designs. Uzi is scheduled to perform again next Friday night, April 19.

Uzi’s merch at Coachella has since been trending and has been reposted by many fans and media pages, including Complex.

For their new merch, the XO Tour Llif3 rapper turned Eminem’s name into a statement on identity “THEMINEM”. The $40 black graphic tee featuring a photo of Uzi above the word “THEMINEM” is now available for sale.

“Theminem goes hard idc what yall say,” someone commented. “If anyone can get this for me I will pay a lot of money,” another person said. “I wouldn’t mind a collab from them seems like a strange collab but I’m curious,” someone else added.

Fans are also looking forward to a collaboration from Uzi and Em after the launching of Uzi’s new merch. Back in 2022, Uzi showed he didn’t rate Eminem and even dissed him while on livestream with Adin Ross.

“I dont know bro, it’s hard. Really hard. I am really a fan of music and I’ll tell you, Eminem is not my top five,” Uzi said at the time. This caused a bit of debate between the two. “Okay, give me Eminem’s best bar. Give me Eminem’s best bar that’s not under 2003,” Uzi continued.

“Well, obviously, 2003 and below was his prime! You know that. After the Eminem show, you know what I am saying?” Adin replied. “You weren’t even f***ing born yet, you f***ing dweeb. What?” Uzi fired back.