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Saweetie Reacts To Chris Brown Saying He Smashed Her In New Quavo Diss Track



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Saweetie Reacts To Chris Brown Saying He Slept With Her In New Quavo Diss Track ‘Weakest Link’
Saweetie Responds To Chris Brown Saying He Slept With Her In New Quavo Diss Track ‘Weakest Link’

Chris Brown recently hit back at Quavo with a response diss track titled “Weakest Link”, where he fired multiple shots at the Migos rapper.

Saweetie began trending alongside Quavo and Brown after the latter hinted he slept with her while she was still dating Quavo.

“You fckd my ex ho that’s cool, ion give no fucks lil n****, Cause I fckd yo ex when you was still with her I’m up lil n**** They say revenge is sweet don’t let that line go over yo head,” Chris Brown raps on the new diss track.

Folks online have a lot to say about the line and have since been dragging Saweetie, calling her different names, including “Industry pass around”. Some of her fans began tagging her to drop her own song and address the situation.

Others noted it’s a good time for her to drop a project since everyone care about what she has to say regarding the controversy.

Apparently, it got to her and she’s now reacted. The “Icy Girl” rapper shared a meme and hinted she will be dropping her response track soon. “Let me go rewrite these nani verses,” she wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

“You might just have to tweet what you wanna say mama.. I don’t think rapping is the best way to go for you,” someone commented. “The only woman that can go toe to toe with the men is Nicki…So just drop your cute little punani song, get your 2k streams, and move along.” another person wrote.

“If she know she didn’t sleep with him, then that means he wasn’t talking bout her. Girl don’t do this to yourself for him to drag you by your lashes in the next diss. Leave that man alone,” someone else shared. “Baby we ain’t ask that, we just wanted to know if it was good,” another user added.