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Atlanta Housewife Porsha Pregnant With TWINS!!! – Details



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Dreddsworld : Atlanta Housewife Porsha Pregnant With TWINS!!!

Porsha Williams from the Atlanta housewives is pregnant with twins, Dreddsworld has confirmed. We were the first to tell you guys that Porsha was pregnant, now we have news that she’s carrying two babies.

According to a show producer, the Atlanta Housewife will be bringing in TWO babies this upcoming season.

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 The news came as a shock to everyone in production – who were in the midst of planning scenes for the show – that highlighted Porsha’s pregnancy.
The producer has been working to set up Porsha’s “gender reveal” party in October. And yesterday Porsha called the execs to break the news. 
The producer explained, “Porsha found out she’s carrying twins. We don’t know the genders yet, but we know it’s two babies.”
“According to Hollywood Life, Porsha recently captioned an Instagram photo, “DJ or PJ was showing out in Vegas,” leading people to believe that this could mean that she has already chosen a name for her baby. 
Fans couldn’t help but think she was hinting at the name of her little one? Considering her name is Porsha and her boyfriend’s is Dennis McKinley, it’s very possible they’ll be naming their firstborn after themselves depending on the sex! How cute would that be? Now we just need to figure out what the J stands for…
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