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Cardi B Ready To Be Kim Kardashian Vice President When She Runs For Office



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Cardi B Ready To Be Kim Kardashian Vice President When She Runs For Office 

Dreddsworld: Imagine a world where Kim Kardashian is President of the United States. Now that you’ve wrapped your head around that, think about how insane it would be if Cardi Bwould be appointed as her running mate. 

The idea seems absolutely ridiculous and nobody would have ever believed it would be a story a few years ago. However, with Donald Trump winning the 2016 Presidency, many things changed, including the need for an actual politician to be working in the most prestigious office in America. While her husband Offset said he would vote for Kim if she ever ran for office, Cardi B is now throwing her name in the hat as her Vice President.

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A few celebrities have had their names mentioned when it comes to the 2020 election, including The Rock, Oprah Winfrey and now, Kim Kardashian. With her numerous visits to the White House, the possibility of her becoming the President one day is becoming slightly more feasible by the day. And if she ever does decide to run for office, Cardi B will be right beside her as she told TMZ cameras.

When asked what job she would like if Kim ever won the Presidency, she responded, “Maybe Vice?” Yesterday, Offset revealed that he would vote for Kardashian, which was apparently a decision influenced by his wife as she revealed to the photographer.


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