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Cardi B Was A Drug Addict, Prostitute With A Smelly V* gina – Ex Roommate



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Ex Roommate Reveals Cardi B Was A Drug Addict, Prostitute With A Smelly V* gina

Cardi B has just been put on BLAST by her former roommate. According to her ex-roommate, a 39 year old woman named Star Marie, Cardi lived a very UNSETTLING life – up until just a few years ago.
Cardi B has responded – claiming that she did not “know” the woman making these accusations against her:

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Dreddsworld :Cardi’s ex-roomie told a series of stories that paints Cardi as a former prostitute, with a drug habit, who likes to bully beautiful women – especially Black women. The image she paints is very disturbing. Cardi B has spoken out on social media, claiming that she doesn’t know the woman.
The roomie spilled a lot of alleged tea about Cardi. She claims that one of Cardi’s alleged PAYING clients took both her and Cardi out to dinner. The woman claims that Cardi was hoping to prostitute herself that night. But the trick said that Cardi’s “p***y stunk” so he tried to sleep with Star Marie instead, according to the bitter ex-roommate. Cardi allegedly got mad – that she lost her trick – and tried to fight the girl.
Star Marie claims that she couldn’t fight back because she was on probation and Cardi knew that. She claims that Cardi got her jumped, and then yelled “call the police on her” – after Cardi’s friends were finished, so that she could get arrested.

The woman also claims that Cardi has SERIOUS problems with Black women. Cardi allegedly told her former roomie that she’s “too pretty to say she’s Black.” Cardi told her to lie and say she’s mixed with Spanish. 
Also the woman claims that Cardi used drugs – in particular cocaine and Molly.
Finally, Star Marie claims that Cardi targets beautiful women and is a serial bully. Cardi’s former roomie claims that Cardi argued with everyone in the club. The longer Cardi worked at the club, the more she became indignant and volatile and was doing coke and taking Molly.
She ended the videos by saying that Cardi is crazy/nuts and someone has to stop her.

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