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Nick Cannon Confirms That Drake Might Have Smashed Kim Kardashian



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Nick Cannon Confirms That Drake Might Have Smashed Kim Kardashian

Dreddsworld: Drake may have had relations with Kanye West’s wife – according to Kim’s ex NickCannon. Nick gave an interview on Everyday Struggle, and he spilled tea on Kim Kardashian. He also gave his views on whether he believes Drake slept with Kim.

Nick told the interviewer that Kim is the brains of the family, “not Kris Jenner” Nick says (from his experience dealing with Kim) from the beginning Kim has always had a master plan and has sought out and executed it from the beginning. Kim started as a stylist/Paris Hilton’s homegirl to finessing the family into a couple of billionaires. 
Nick says people who know how to manipulate the media will always win.

Akademiks says he thinks Drake smashed Kim K. Nick starts cheesing and says “that’s not far out of a concept.” Nick says there is something really personal going on. Nick says knowing DrakeDrake is the most calculated dude ever. Nick says there is something Drake holds over the whole family that they don’t want out.

Watch the interview below :

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