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Nicki Minaj Bares Her Bo0bs At Fashion Week – See Uncensored Pics



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Nicki Minaj Bares Her Bo0bs At Fashion Week

Nicki Minaj  was at Milan Fashion Week yesterday – and she was doing the most. Nicki wore a see-through body suit, and just a tiny pair of panties underneath.

Basically anyone that looked hard enough, could see her bre*sts. The paparazzi quickly went CRAZY when they saw Nicki’s outfit, and she was surrounded by a sea of cameras.

The pictures are the latest attempt by Nicki, to get out from under the “Cardi B” wave, Cardi’s popularity has grown exponentially in the past year, and Nicki appears to be drowning in it.

Nicki is not alone at Milan Fashion Week either. Her arch-nemesis Cardi B flew to Italy to attend Fashion Week also. And we all remember what happened when the two ladies last attended an event together.



See uncensored pics here

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