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Offset And Cardi B Facetime With ‘Kulture’ While In The Club – Watch The Video



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Offset And Cardi B Facetime With ‘Kulture’ While In The Club

Amidst all the drama surrounding Cardi B, it could be easy to forget that the entertainer is a new mother. She has been quite busy while juggling the duties of motherhood and making the moves necessary to keep her career moving forward. 

On top of that, Cardi also needs to make some time for herself and her husband Offset .

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Even in moments when they finally get to be alone, the couple makes time for their bundle of joy. Cardi B uploaded a short clip showing the cooing parents with a simple caption that reads, “FaceTime with K.”

A post shared by CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) on Sep 18, 2018 at 9:28pm PDT

This display of love isn’t quite surprising. Their affection was evident even before Kulture was born. Their lavish baby shower was a most swanky affair. 
Offset also got a face tattoo to celebrate the newest addition to the family. Her name is plastered on one of his cheeks permanently. Now that’s a show of commitment. 
The Migos member’s loyalty to his newly-formed family was brought into question when allegations of his infidelity arose. They worsened when Cardi B was accused of attacking the alleged mistress which resulted in the filing of a lawsuit against her.  

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