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Rapper Lil Kim’s Swollen Face Pic Leaks Online – Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong



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Rapper Lil Kim’s Swollen Face Pic Leaks Online

Dreddsworld : A disturbing new pic of rapper Lil Kim is circulating online. It was purportedly taken by a fan backstage at Fashion Week. And the image is nothing short of breath taking – in how BAD she looks.
The image shows that Lil Kim’s face appears to be swollen, a possible side effect of the extensive facial surgeries she’s gotten.

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And folks on social media are offering their reaction to the SHOCKING PIC. Here are some of the comments that we found:
Barely looks human tbh
Smh Father your kids. Especially your daughters. Give them pride and self esteem early on so they don’t end up like this.
I’m convinced(and have been for a while) that she doesn’t have anyone around her that loves her.
Here is the picture:
Back in 2016, Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Breslow told Page Six he thinks the rapper may need help.
“Personally, I think she should seek professional help,” said Breslow, CEO of “Based on these pictures alone, she’s going to end up destroying her face if she continues.”
According to Breslow, a sign of plastic surgery addiction is “seeking excessive numbers of cosmetic procedures for a given body area with lack of satisfaction for what others would see as a good result.”
Based on photos, the doctor believes Kim has likely spent $20,000 to $25,000 on the following procedures: fillers to the cheeks or cheek implants, rhinoplasty, a chin implant, lip augmentation and skin bleaching.
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