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Who knows what’s going on in Ado-ekiti?.



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What’s Going On In Ado-ekiti

Just yesterday, I woke up to the final episode of one of my favorite series  Fayose and the wheel. Im pretty sure I’m not the only fan of this series, although for a while we’ve not been getting anything until a day or two back.

Our favorite actor got a placard and took to the streets.Pictures and videos going around, well it’s more like the character.Man, that Bros got some balls if you know what I mean?. But I wonder why he just keeps dropping episodes on episodes and then election results came,red alert came, there was a pause.

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I had to start Google search on current episodes, they became scarce. Well I wouldn’t judge a brother who’s trying to make it in this crooked life.


I believe there would be more series by this same actor of Ours. Goodbye?. Okay, let’s not bring that now but who else saw the helicopter that flew over the state capital?. The security personnel around aren’t familiars, then I wonder what is today?.

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What are the people doing?, Are they on strike since they believed their votes was stolen?, or are they celebrating and dancing to welcome the new Capitan aboard?, Cos all just seems like a normal day in the Capital city of Ekiti.

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