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“BOW WOW Attempted SUICIDE In Our Son’s Presence” Erica Mena Discloses



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Erica Mena Reveals Why She Dumped Bow Wow 

Erica and Bow Wow have been ARGUING with each other on social media all weekend. The argument started when Bow Wow blasted his former fiancé Erica – telling fans that was a thot.
Erica clapped back against Bow Wow – calling him names also. But then Erica started spilling his tea. Erica told fans that the reason she broke up with Bow Wow is, “because he tried to kill himself with my son in the house.”

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Bow Wow has threatened suicide on social media in the past. At the time, many of his fans thought that the 31 year old actor/rapper was just trolling. It appears that he may have some serious depression issues.

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