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“I Didn’t Move To Barcelona Because Of Messi” Griezman Reveals



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Griezman Says Messi Is Why He Didn’t Move To Barcelona 

The France star was the subject of a very public bid from the Nou Camp side in the summer, who desperately wanted to recruit the World Cup winner.
Barcelona met the 27-year-old’s £88million buyout clause and a decision rested solely on the striker’s shoulders.

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Griezmann eventually made his choice by releasing a video called “La Decision”, in which he revealed he would be staying at Atletico Madrid.
“Was it hard to refuse Barca? It was very difficult,” he told FourFourTwo. “You have Barca who wants you, who calls you, who sends messages.
“But then there is the club where you are, where you are an important player and where they build a project around you.
“[And] subconsciously, being Messi’s lieutenant may have played a part.
“But my team-mates and people at the club [Atleti] did everything, they came to talk to me, they increased my salary.
“They did everything to show that it was my home and that I shouldn’t leave. It was really complicated times, especially for my wife where I woke her up at 3am to talk about it!”

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