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Lady Attacked By Her Ex-Boyfriend While Sleeping With Her New Lover.



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Lady Attacked By Her Ex-Boyfriend

The South African lady identified as Nombuso Mhlongo (35) and her boyfriend Zakhele Msomi (50) were ambushed at her home in Siyanda, north of Durban.
 They were beaten and hacked with a cutlass, allegedly by her jealous ex.

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She told Daily Sun they had just fallen asleep when she heard her ex shouting: “You’re sleeping comfortably in there, hey?”
Consumed with jealous anger, the jilted man started breaking the door locks.
“I got up and told him to go away. But he managed to break the door open. “He got inside the shack and started hacking me on the head with a cutlass . I ran outside and screamed for help.  “He hacked Zakhele several times. I thought he was going to kill us.”

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