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Police Reportedly Investigating Kim Porter’s Death



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Kim Porter’s Death Under Investigation 

On Thursday, Kim Porter – a model, and the mother of 4 of Diddy’s children – died under mysterious circumstances. 

The website Hip Hollywood now claims that Police are investigating Kim’s death, to see if it could be classified as a homicide.

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This is how they are reporting it :

Detective David Peteque told HH that the cause of death is still undetermined and there were no “obvious signs of death” upon examining the deceased.

We were also told that Combs, who was in a relationship with Porter for some 13 years, arrived at the home and was very cooperative. “Mr. Combs was very cooperative and obviously very upset,” he stated. “We had basic questions for him in order for us to conduct the investigation and he was extremely cooperative.”

According to Peteque there were no signs of foul play but the LAPD will keep it as an open investigation until the cause of death is determined.

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