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Jamie Foxx Leaks Secret On How To Avoid Robbery



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Jamie Foxx On Robbery Cases 

The homes of A-listers such as Paris Hilton, Rihanna, LeBron James, Viola Davis, and Matt Damon have been trespassed by thieves who on occasion, make away with millions of dollars’ worth of their victims’ belongings. 

One celebrity who takes careful precaution to avoid becoming victim to a burglary is Jamie Foxx. At the premiere of the Robin Hood film, Foxx, who plays the role of Little John, shared some of his tips on how not to get robbed with The New York Post

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“Stay off your Instagram telling everybody where you’re at,” he said. You better start posting that thing like three or four days after. And I ain’t got nothing in my house . . . That’s all it is — a house — if they want to take a house.”

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