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Mariah Carey Attacked By Fans For Sharing Video Of Her Kids Without Seat Belts On



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Mariah Carey Video With Her kids without Seat Belts 

Mariah Carey has faced some backlash after she posted an adorable video in the car with her children – but they did not have their seat belts on.

The trio were singing Mariah’s Christmas hit, “All I Want For Christmas” for the camera, but while they were singing, some fans were preoccupied with the fact that Rocco and Monroe were not buckled up.

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Here are some of the comments :

“Wouldn’t take much for that bubble to burst. Multi car accidents happen,” one fan wrote.
“Safety first then fun” wrote another.
“So cute!!! But why are the kids riding in the car with no seatbelts tho??!”
Watch the video below :

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