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Love And Hip-Hop Reportedly Fires All Black Cast In Production



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Blacks In Love and Hip-hop Fired 

Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta has FIRED the entire production team, and replaced them with a team that is being described as “All White.”

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Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta was produced by a mostly African American production team, and that’s changing now. The new production team is comprised of almost exclusively White people.
 VH1 has decided to “change” production teams – and will no longer be using the mostly Black production team that filmed the show for the past five seasons.
To replace the team, VH1 hired a new team, that is described by the cast as “All White.” One prominent cast member on the show told MTO News, “It’s like they fired all the Black people, and replaced them with White people. What’s going on.”
This may be part of a concerted strategy by VH1 – to replace the Black production team with a White one.

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Just weeks ago, VH1 announced that Eastern TV (and its mostly Black production team) would no longer be involved in producing Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. The new production company, we’re told, is now mostly White.
Mona Scott-Young and her company Monami Entertainment will remain on all versions of the franchise.

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