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Tory Lanez Claims He’s The Best Rapper Alive. Throws Shot At J Cole And Pusha T



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Tory Lanez Claims He’s The Best Rapper Alive

Tory Lanez is adamantly declaring himself “The Best Rapper Alive Right Now,” so open the floodgates, and let the saber rattling commence. 

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Hip-hop fans aren’t too far removed from hearing Lanez send an open-call to the World at Large, in the hopes of securing worthy battle-ready opponents.


Tory Lanez jumped on Twitter to declare himself the current BEST, while also questioning the work ethic of his closest competitors – a list too long to read in one sitting.

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In a third successive Tweet, Tory Lanez offered J Cole and Pusha T the loaded compliment of being among his “favorite rappers,” yet mocked their unwillingness to engage in battle.


“Equal opportunity,” he openly states is his preferred way to-do-battle, and lure the most talented rappers into the gridiron.

And lastly

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