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50 Cent Calls Out ‘Shoot On Sight’ NYPD Officer



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50 Cent Rants About The Shoot On Sight Command ..  Wants The Officer Sacked 

When 50 Cent found out that an NYPD officer had ordered his staff to shoot 50 Cent “on sight,” Fiddy began to fear for the safety of his family. 

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Obviously, he’s not feeling as secure as usual, shifting his aim from Floyd Mayweather to Emmanuel Gonzalez this week.
Usually, we can count on some hilarious trolling from 50 Cent on his social media channels but today, there was nothing of the sort. Over the weekend, it was reported that an NYPD commanding officer had basically put a bounty on Fif’s head.
 50 Cent is taking the threat very seriously and is potentially taking legal action against Gonzalez, who has been employed with the NYPD for over thirty years.

If you go to the rapper’s Instagram page today, you will not find any recent digs at Floyd Mayweather or Ja Rule. Instead, all of his attention has gone to one man.

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