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Meek Mill Plans On Owing A Liquor Brand Like Diddy And Jay Z



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Meek Mill About To Start Liquor Business 

Rappers like 50 CentJay Z and Diddy have all attached their names to popular liquor brands, making some major money as a direct result.
 It may be time to add Meek Mill to the billionaire’s club because he’s looking to boss up in a major way, outlining his interest in buying his own brand of liquor.

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Since his release from prison last year, Meek Mill has been actively looking for new businesses to invest in, hoping to watch his cash grow in the next few years. 
When a fan suggested that he should come out with his own alcohol after he complained that 1942 Don Julio tequila was messing up his stomach, it appears as though Meek may have actually considered the move.

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 While he may not yet be the owner of the next Ciroc or Ace of Spades, look out for Meek to possibly tap into that business.


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