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Wendy Williams Snubs An Excited Fan Who Tried To Hug Her



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Wendy Ain’t In The Mood For That …

To say Wendy Williams is having a rough time these days would be an understatement. The controversial talk show host has been living in a sober house while her husband recently had a child with his sidepiece. 

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She’s been doing her best to handle the stress of everything right now but unfortunately, she seems quite agitated which clearly is seen in her public persona.


A clip obtained by @teatenders.liv surfaced online earlier today of some behind-the-scenes footage at The Wendy Show. The talk show host was doing a giveaway when she called on an audience member to pick up their winnings.
 The excited fan darted through the aisles, appearing to be shedding tears of joy before trying to give Wendy a hug who rudely rejects it.

“No hugging,” she exclaimed at the fan before getting a bit aggressive towards the audience member. There hasn’t been a clear cut reason why she was so agitated. After the past few weeks she’s had, you’d think the thing she’d need the most right now is a hug.

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While this might be a one-off situation for Wendy Williams, her staff was recently accused of racism and ageism by am audience member.

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