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Love & Hip Hop Star Teairra Mari Arrested For Drunk-Driving



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Teairra Mari Arrested For DUI

Teairra Mari has landed herself in another trouble, jumping from fry pan to fire. She’s been dodging 50 Cent after court ordered her to pay up her debt to the rapper after winning a case on her.
The love and hip hop star has been giving different forms of excuses on why she can’t pay fiddy though he stays stucked in her neck. Read more here : 50 Cent Trolls Teairra Mari On Her Instagram Page Over Debt

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Well, she’d landed in what seems to be a bigger trouble or maybe not, police caught up with her for driving while drunk and also evading arrest at New York City yesterday.
Police say that on Friday night, her front passenger side tire blew out on her maroon 2014 Dodge Charger.
Authorities claim that Teairra was so drunk that she drove like that for a mile through the Queens-Midtown Tunnel – a tunnel that connects Queens to Manhattan.

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Witnesses told police the Charger was sparking and smoking as it continued through the tunnel, grinding on the pavement.
According to MTO.. The police immediately gave chase, but Teairra, 31, allegedly continued through the tunnel, the sources said.
Officers eventually caught up to the drunken reality star, when she finally stopped the car on the Queens side of the tunnel.
When she performed a breathalyzer test, Mari allegedly had a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.304 — more than three times the legal limit, the sources said.
Cops also determined she did not have a driver’s license and had violated a previous DWI arrest because the Charger was not fixed with a court-ordered ignition interlock, which prevents the car from starting if the driver’s BAC is higher than a certain level, according to the law enforcement sources.

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When officers booked her, Mari made sure they knew who she was — allegedly bragging to the cops about being a celebrity, sources said.
She was hit with a slew of charges, including with DWI, violation of court-ordered ignition interlock, illegal tinted windows, illegal operation of a vehicle, unlicensed operator of a motor vehicle, among other things, cops said.

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