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Nicki Minaj Trolls BET Awards’ Low Rating Record



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Nicki Minaj Mocks BET Awards For Their 2019 Low Rating Record

Nicki Minaj has been one of the major headliners at the BET Awards ever since her breakthrough in the music industry. She’s one of those fans fantasize about at the BET experience not until things went south between her and the BETs. 
BET diminished Nicki Minaj’s career when Cardi B won her first Grammy Award ahead of Nicki. They sent a congratulatory message to Cardi for becoming the first female solo rap act to win the award and  threw shade at Nicki over the win, writing, “Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lacefront.”

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Nicki Minaj didn’t hide her feelings, she called out the BETs demanding they put some respects on her name, they eventually apologized but that didn’t stop her and the whole of ‘Young Money’ from pulling out of the 2019 BET Awards.

The most recent BET Awards ceremony became the worst-rated edition of the show in history and Nicki Minaj is pretty ecstatic about that. Yeah! She publicly trolled the BETs for their low rating..

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She retweeted the ratings saying :
“When u go out of ur way to b spiteful & hurt artists who have always supported ur show. When you fire great ppl who have put their heart & soul into the show… when you’d rather be a messy reality show than a prestigious award show… when ur still being dragged by that lace.” As you probably gathered, that last remark is a direct reply to the wig-dragging shade thrown in February.

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See it all below :


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