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Tiny Shares An Encrypted Warning Message To T.I For Cheating



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Tiny Warns T.I To Stay Faithful Or Lose Her

Clifford Harris Popularly known as ‘T.I‘ and his wife Tameka Harris ‘Tiny’ has one of the most open relationship in Hollywood. Anytime their marriage is on a bridge, it’s always all over the news and that seems to be the case right now. 

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Tiny filed to divorce TI last year, after she allegedly caught TI creeping with a young Latina out in Hollywood.


Eventually TI came to his senses and cut off his alleged side chick. But it now appears that TI is wandering on his wife again.
Tameka blasted her husband on Instagram live yesterday, with a not too subliminal post. The post  suggests that TI is up to no good again. 

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“Don’t lose yo bitch tryna keep up with a hoe that can’t keep up with yo bitch”

Almost immediately after Tiny blasted TI – her friend Monica came in to offer support. Monica is currently divorcing her husband, Shannon Brown, after years of infidelity.


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