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Emily B Broke Up With Fabolous For The Sake Of Her Mental Health



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Emily B Appears To Have Broken Up With Fabolous 

Fabolous and Emily B made headlines yesterday when TMZ reported that the long time couple have broken up. Fabolous was spotted out on a date with a mystery girl couple of days ago and it has costed him his relationship.
Fabolous blow up when TMZ broke the news and he was so furious that he took to instagram to share his disappointment in the media outlets for spreading false rumors. 

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“We are a couple working on our relationship. That @tmz story & blogs are LIES,”

Fabolous in a since deleted instagram post threatened to file lawsuit against TMZ for ‘deflamation‘ which T.I later hilariously corrected as ‘defamation.
Fabolous has been quiet about his relationship with little or no social media ‘show off’ later shared series of posts reinstating his love for Emily B.
I LOVE YOU EMILY ❤️ That @tmz_tv story is fake. I never told anyone I split up from Emily. And I wasn’t on a date. That whole story is made up. #TMZ.
These blogs are making fake stories & breaking up families. Complicating people’s lives for a story!! For some clicks. @tmztv_ ran a baseless story with no confirmations from me or @emilyb_ I LOVE EMILY B. ❤️.
He’d taken down the post when it seems the deed has been done and Emily B isn’t taking him back.
Just after TMZ broke the news about the split, Emily B took to Instagram to apparently announce that she was dropping her rapper bae last night. According to Fabulous’ now ex, she’s currently putting her mental health first.
And she told fans that she is willing to cut off “any” relationship that messes with her mental health.

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Here’s the post that people are interpreting is her “split” announcement.
I don’t think there is any need to file lawsuit against TMZ anymore since the split appears to be true. 

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