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Nipsey Hussle Under Investigation By LAPD For Gang Ties



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LAPD Presently Investigating Nipsey Hussle For Gang Ties 

Nipsey Hussle was shot dead in front of his Marathon Clothing Store in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles 3 months ago. His death was a big loss to the industry, community and country at large. 
His philanthropist effort has earned him a good reputation and his legacy lives on. Many of his celebrity friends are still yet to be out of the dilemma his death caused them. Many are calling for a stop to Nipsey’s related reports to make him or rest in peace. 

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But there are reports that the LAPD were investigating Nipsey Hussle affiliation with Gang members before his death and that the investigation is still on going.
A report was published by New York Times on Monday stating that at the time of his death, the Los Angeles Police Department was looking into the rapper. Specifically, they were, and currently are, investigating Nipsey’s ties to gang members and gang activity. 
The outlet also states that the LAPD is examining the strip mall corner area where the Marathon Clothing store was located to determine whether or not it was a hub for gang activity. Since his death, the police department reportedly continues to dig into Nipsey’s life, business moves, investments, and community expansion plans, including his desire to build an apartment complex.
The investigation wasn’t unfamiliar to Nipsey, as told by South Los Angeles City Council Member Marqueece Harris-Dawson. He claims that he’s reached out to the LAPD for years trying to get answers about what exactly the department is investigating, but he’s been turned away.
“I think everybody in the community will do everything we can to make sure the ventures he started will continue,” Harris-Dawson told The New York Times. 

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“And this is a very confusing hiccup in this process.” Police departments nationwide have ongoing investigations into rappers, a move that has been the norm for decades. Nipsey’s death only intensifies his probe as detectives will attempt to uncover as much as possible about the slain hip hop star.

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