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Fans React To 50 Cent’s Claim That Rick Ross Doesn’t Have Musical Value Either



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Fans React To Rick Ross And 50 Cent Musical Value 

Rick Ross and 50 Cent are today’s tending topic. Rozay earlier granted an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood where he was asked if he could still collaborate with his longtime enemy ’50 Cent’.
Rick Ross left a response that’s perceived to be a subtle shade at 50 Cent. He said he could have recorded a song with him if he’s still dope like before. He continued saying Fiddy no longer has value in the industry.

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“Honestly, I’m a businessman, If 50 Cent still had value, I may have been done it, but not being funny. Not on no…he ain’t that dude no more.”
“If he was still making music like before. One of my dogs could hit me, Drake could hit me,” Ross continued. “And say Rozay, I got 50 on the record. If he was still dope like he was eight years ago, Rozay’ll lace that ’cause I’m on fire. It don’t matter who on the record.”

50 Cent responded to Rozay’s shade in a surprising manner. Fans have been creeping on the Power executive producer’s instagram page waiting for a big lash out at Rick Ross or some sort of trolling.
But Fiddy was classy in his response. He was interviewed by Complex personality Speedy Morman and he said : “I don’t know what his value is to music culture at this moment,”


While he didn’t necessarily go off on the rapper as we expected, he did make it clear that he’s still not entirely down with what the Florida boy stands for.
Watch the interview below :

Fans have since been reacting to the circulating clip. They’ve been taking sides with both top notch personalities.
See some reactions below :

What’s your take on this pressing issue?

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Rick Ross has also dropped ‘Port Of Miami 2’ tracklist and release date.


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