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YFN Lucci Insists He Was In Bed With Young Thug’s GF Couple Of Times



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YFN Lucci Talks Sleeping With Young Thug’s Girlfriend & Cucumber Challenge 

YFN Lucci and Young Thug have revived their long time beef couple of days ago. YFN Lucci called Young Thug’s newly released ‘So Much Fun’ album a ‘cap ass album’. 
Young Thug responded with a life threat, saying he could have get him killed if he doesn’t like what he does for his mother and kids.

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YFN Lucci also claims he’d slept with Young Thug’s girlfriend Jerrika Karlae but she denied the claims, calling out YFN Lucci and his on & off girlfriend Reginae Carter in response.

YFN Lucci recently visited V-103 Atlanta and he brought up his beef against Jeffery by reaffirming the fact that he slept with his girl. When asked if the feud is about Jerrika, Lucci suggested that it 100% is. 
“I was in the bed with her a couple times,” he said. “We ain’t gonna talk on that though,” he added before plugging his new mixtape.
Lucci also touched on his involvement in Trouble’s insane Cucumber Party, which resulted in both Alexis Skyy and Reginae Carter getting clowned online. Lucc says he won’t be seen in any other cucumber videos, noting that he simply “ended up at a party and seen cucumbers everywhere.”

Clearly, he knew what he was getting himself into but he was probably a little caught up in the moment.

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Watch the interview below :