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50 Cent’s Eldest Son Marquise Curved Him When He Tried Talking



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50 Cent Tried Talking To His Eldest Son But He Curved Him 

Well, it appears 50 is now trying to amend things with his 22 year old son.

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Fiddy insinuates he’s been trying to make his relationship with his son work out but each time he tries to talk to him, he gets curved.
50 Cent made the stunning revelation during an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood n Los Angeles. He was asked, “what is your relationship like with your eldest son Marquise?”
The millionaire mogul responded, “I don’t really have a relationship with him, it’s an unfortunate situation.”
And what caused their relationship to fall apart?  “Entitlement,”  according to Fifty. The  rapper claims that Marquise’s mom programmed him over years, to feel like his father never did enough for him. And over time, Marquise began to resent his father and ignore all the things that the rapper did for him.
But 50 claims that he wants to have a relationship with his son and it’s Marquise who is rebuffing his superstar father.
When 50 was asked, “When was the last time you talked with Marquise.” The Power creator replied, “We don’t talk. But this is by [Marquise’s] choice. I’ve gone places where he was to try and talk with him.”
50 hopes that someday their relationship can be fixed, and he told Big Boy that he’s committed to try and fix things.

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Watch the interview below :

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