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Two Couples Fight Over Popeyes Chicken Sandwich In Viral Video



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Popeye chicken sandwich caused fight between two couples

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Causes Brawl Between Two Couples

A lot has happened since the arrival of Popeyes chicken sandwich. The delicious meal has caused more havoc in the past months and now bringing up the question if it came with a curse.

There have been several violent cases attached to the chicken sandwich. People queue for the sandwich and most times, end up fighting each other.

Probably one has to roll his sleeves, prepare for a fight when going to get his or her chicken sandwich. As it’s becoming a custom now for a fight to break up at the restaurant.

It’s either with the employees or amongst the lovers of the sandwich. Recently, a White woman was body slammed in the parking lot for using the N word at Popeye’s restaurant.


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Chicken. Brioche. Pickles. New. Sandwich. Popeyes. Nationwide. So. Good. Forgot. How. Speak. In. Complete. Sandwiches. I mean, sentences.

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One of Popeye’s employees was also held at gunpoint over sold out chicken sandwiches sometimes back. A man also filed $5K lawsuit against Popeyes for running out of Chicken Sandwiches back then.

The most recent incident happened in Virginia where a full-on brawl broke out. Customers waited in line for an hour, which apparently leans towards a short wait-time. Two couples were waiting in the drive-thru for their food when one vehicle finally receive their meal only to find out it was the wrong order.

After being told to head inside, things escalated between the indivudals in that car and the one behind them who began honking our of frustration.

A witness told NBC Los Angeles “Everybody started fighting. And they all fell down and the big man was trying to get at him. It was just, it was a free for all.”

Police pulled up to the location and had to intervene in order to break up the fight.

Watch the viral video below :