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Marjorie Harvey Warns Lori About Rappers Like Future In Resurfaced Video



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Marjorie Warns Lori Harvey Against Rappers Like Future 

Marjorie Warns Lori Harvey Against Rappers Like Future

Steve Harvey’s step daughter Lori has been linked with multiple partners and presently she’s believed to be dating rapper Future.

A new video has resurfaced showing Lori’s mom Marjorie Harvey warning her against rappers like Future.

Although she didn’t mention Future by name, the rapper is a clear example of what she described. “I know you just started dating this year,” Marjorie said to Lori in the 2015 video.

“No athletes, no rappers. We gonna come up with a list. Don’t ever try to fit in when God has clearly created you to stand out.”

Marjorie Warns Lori Harvey Against Rappers Like Future

Lori’s face hilariously goes blank for a second after hearing the rules but in a confessional session, she maintained the fact that her mother has nothing to worry about.

Well, over the past year, Lori has been linked to several high profile celebrities, including singer Trey Songz and business mogul, Diddy, as well as his son, Justin.

And to top it all, she’s currently dating rapper Future who reportedly has 8 kids for 6 baby mamas and in the middle of two other baby mamas drama.

Watch the video below :