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Future’s Estranged Girlfriend Dess Dior Tests Positive For COVID-19



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Dess Dior Confirms She Has COVID-19 After Saying She Wasn't Feeling Well

Dess Dior Confirms She Has COVID-19 After Saying She Wasn’t Feeling Well

It’s hard to tell the relationship status between Future and Dess Dior. They came out public late last year and there were even rumors that the two may have gotten married.

At the time, the couple was spotted in some formal garb with Future rocking a snazzy tuxedo and Dess wearing a white dress.

Dess have been posting photos of herself traveling alongside Future, heading to nightclubs with her famous friends, jet-setting from one vacation spot to the next, or taking to concert stages as she did at Rolling Loud Miami this past weekend.


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She recently performed in front of a crowd of thousands, not including Rolling Loud employees and her team, so she issued a warning to people she came close to in recent days.

“I don’t think I have Covid but ima get tested to be safe,” Dess tweeted yesterday (June 25) before offering a follow-up today. “Update: I tested positive for Covid & everybody who’s been in contact with me should go get tested asap.”

However, there are rumors swirling around that the couple have broken up stemming from the fact that they haven’t had many public appearances together since the end of May.

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