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K Michelle Under Investigation For Flashing Boobs During Concert



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K Michelle Investigated For INDECENT Exposure - After She Flashed Crowd During Concert

K Michelle Investigated For Indecent Exposure – After She Flashed Crowd During Concert

R&B singer K Michelle is facing a possible criminal charge after she pulled down her blouse and exposed herself to fans during a Houston concert.

K Michelle was performing at Houston’s Arena Theater, with co-headlining act Jeezy.

But at one point K Michelle may have taken things too far. While singing her version of New Edition’s Can You Stand The Rain, K Michelle lifted her blouse and flashed the fans.

The clip from the incident went viral on social media. And worse yet, at least 3 of K Michelle’s haters sent the video to the Houston Police Department and asked them to investigate the singer.

According to reports, there’s an email correspondence between HPD and the “haters” who snitched on K Michelle.

She’s not likely to face criminal prosecution for public indecent in Houston. Under Texas law, the crime consists of exposing any part of one’s g*nitals or an*s to another in order to arouse them. The person must also be reckless regarding whether anyone else is around who might not appreciate the view.

The law in Texas only applies to g*nitalia. What is not specifically listed in the statute is the female breast. Thus, going topless in Texas as a woman is a grey area.