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Jennifer Lopez Accuses Beyonce Of Copying Her Style For Years



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Beyonce Accused Of Copying Jennifer Lopez’s Dress Style For Years

There’s drama brewing between two of the biggest stars in the world. Last night Jennifer Lopez fired shots at Beyonce, and suggested that Queen Bey has been stealing from her for decades.

It all started when one of Jennifer’s fan pages, criticized Bey in Spanish, for allegedly stealing an idea from J Lo.

The post showed side by side pics of Beyonce using imagery that was first used by J Lo. The post was captioned, “atrapada ronbando Jlo de nuevo” which translates to “caught stealing Jlo again.”


J Lo quickly liked the post, which appears to be an intentional dig at Beyonce, since Jennifer’s official account rarely links to anything.

According to one entertainment insider who claims that Jennifer’s beef with Beyonce has been ongoing for years.

The insider explained, “J Lo liked that tweet on purpose. She’s been concerned with Beyonce stealing her look and imagery for many years now.”

Beyonce has been accused of copying Jennifer in the past. And before you call cap on Jennifer’s apparent claims, check out the receipts below.

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