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Horror Film ‘Terrifer 2’ Scared Viewers, They Vomited & Fainted In Theaters



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Horror Film 'Terrifer 2' Scared Viewers So Bad They Vomited & Fainted In Theaters

Horror Film ‘Terrifer 2’ Scared Viewers So Bad They Vomited & Fainted In Theaters

While most horror films just leave you with nightmares, there’s a horror film that will make you throw up and faint.

According to the New York Post indie film, “Terrifier 2” is so graphic that movie goers threw up and fainted in the theater.

Bloody Disgusting reported that the film is about a psychotic killer clown named Art the Clown. The indie film has apparently traumatized viewers with extreme violence and gore.

Here’s what a few viewers stated about the film. “Terrifier2 my friend passed out and the theater called an ambulance. Highly recommended”

“TERRIFIER 2: The first movie in my lifetime where I’ve read reports of people fainting and vomiting in the theater, and then after finally seeing it myself thinking, “yeah, I get that.”

“A film festival is giving VOMIT BAGS for people going to watch Terrifier 2. You’ve got my attention. You’ve got all of my attention. completely. Tell me more.”

The film marks the fifth on-screen appearance of Art the Clown. Originally created for a pair of low-budget shorts, the character made his feature-length debut in Leone’s 2013 hit All Hallows’ Eve.

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