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Asian Doll Thanks Lil Durk For Clearing Her Name



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Asian Doll Thanks Lil Durk For Clearing Her Name: “It Mean A Lot”

Asian Doll hopped online to thank Lil Durk for confirming that King Von’s death had nothing to do with her.

After King Von was shot and killed in Atlanta, some fans speculated his confrontation with Quando Rondo was over Asian Doll.

Durk cleared it up during his recent DJ Akademiks interview. “It ain’t have nothing to do with Asian [Doll], none of that sh-t,” Durk clarified.

“Von put the Floyd Mayweather on the muthaf-cka, and what happened happened. That’s a different situation. His situation, what did he do? What did YoungBoy do for everybody to want me and him to kill each other?”

He continued, “What did he do to Von? Okay, cool. So why are you taking full responsibility like you did something to Von? Sales?”

“Appreciate you Durk for clearing my name. I been waiting on this for a lil min & it mean a lot coming from you ion really care about wat nobody think but this was much needed [100 emoji] thank you a lot,” she tweeted, sharing a clip of his interview.

“I never not one time heard folks thought it was over Hating Doll… anything to hold on to a sliver of fame I guess,” someone commented. “Does this change the outcome? Von Is still dead and life been going on!” another person wrote.


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