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Father Of Victim YNW Juvy Blasts Boosie Badazz For Supporting Melly



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Father Of Victim YNW Juvy In Melly's Case Goes Off On Boosie & Fans Saying 'Free Melly'

Father Of Victim YNW Juvy In Melly’s Case Goes Off On Boosie & Fans Saying ‘Free Melly’

Boosie Badazz continued his antics of being in everyone’s business by showing up on the first day of YNW Melly’s double-murder trial.

Boosie made his way to South Florida to show his support for Melly who is facing double murder charges for the shooting deaths of his friends YNW Juvy (Chris Thomas, 20) and YNW Sakchaser (Anthony Williams, 21) on Oct. 26, 2018.

The Louisiana rapper shared video on Instagram (below) of himself wearing a black shirt and red suit jacket walking through the courthouse. He captioned the short video, @ynwmelly TRIAL‼️‼️ Opening Day.”

Well, father of one of the victims Chris Thomas known as YNW Juvy recently took to live to blast Boosie Badazz and fans saying ‘Free Melly’. “Everybody that’s saying free Melly f”ck you,” the man said doing the f*ck you sign.

“He don’t even know that nigga Melly. He talking about I want that nigga Melly free because he bought me some snacks and magazine at the airport.. man what.. why you ain’t go to Marlo Mike trial.”

He continued, “Nigga you got your priorities fucked up. Go back to your home town scared a** nigga.”

Chris Thomas’ father previously said that he wants YNW Melly put to death for the murder of his son, he said in an interview with Law&Crime’s Sidebar podcast. “Eye for an eye. Old Testament. I think he deserves it,” said Chris Thomas Sr., father of the young rapper who went by YNW Juvy.

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