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YNW Melly Allegedly Part Of The ‘Bloods’ Gang, Killed 2 Of His Friends To Join



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Prosecutors Allege YNW Melly Killed 2 Of His Friends To Join The ‘Bloods’ Gang

YNW Melly, as well as YNW Bortlen, are accused of murdering Christopher “Juvy” Thomas Jr. and Anthony “Sakchaser” Williams in 2018.

The trial began last week, and streams for Melly’s songs like “Murder On My Mind,” “Suicidal,” and more are through the roof.

In a recent update, photos and text messages shown in court on Monday, allegedly proves YNW Melly is a part of the ‘Bloods’ gang.

Detectives Danny Polo testified that the young rapper often signaled hand signs from the gang in photos and wrote gang codes in text messages.

Prosecutors also allege YNW Melly killed his 2 friends to join the ‘Bloods’ gang.

Judge Murphy III previously denied Melly’s lead attorney’s request for a mistrial. And prosecutors showed text messages of YNW Melly asking his mother to buy him a legal glock.

Juvy and Saks were shot and killed in an SUV in October 2018. Melly is facing the death penalty if he is found guilty. The rapper denies committing the crimes.

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