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JT Set To Drop Solo Rap Album: “I Have The Talent”



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JT Set To Release Solo Rap Projects: "I Have The Talent"

JT Set To Release Solo Rap Projects: “I Have The Talent”

It looks like the “citizens” are finally getting that solo project from JT that they’ve been salivating for!

During an interview with Interview magazine, JT talked about not feeling like she’s showcased her individuality as an artist.

“I have yet to be in a place that I’m individually solidified,” she said. “City Girls’ next album is about to drop, and I want to put out that project and then sort everything out individually,” she continued.

JT went on to talk about the nominations she rightfully deserves, but hasn’t been able to receive because she’s not in her own space. “I have the talent, but I’m not really in my own space to the point that I’m nominated, and those are things I want to see for myself,” she explained.

JT says she’s thankful that recent collaborations and her work with the City Girls has grown her audience and listener counts, but she’s ready to explore what it’s like garnering that with her own solo projects.

JT says the music industry can be draining but she wants to get back to a place where she believed in herself like she did during her breakout season.

“We stopped believing in ourselves, how we was when we had nothing and our backs was against the wall,” she said. “Now we’re up against bigger machines, but I want to get back into that space, like tunnel vision.”

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