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Ex Police Officer In Custody For Stalking & Murdering Ex Boyfriend After Breakup



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Ex-Police Officer In Custody After A Breakup Turns Deadly

The family of 25-year-old Carlos Collins claim Collins reached out to police for help, and they dropped the ball which eventually resulted in them paying the ultimate price

As we previously reported, Marcus Johnson, an ex-police officer, is now in custody for stalking and murdering his ex-boyfriend Carlos Collins.

Collins’ family is now seeking justice and searching for answers. According to them, not only did Collins reach out to Jackson Mississippi police for help, but he also filed a restraining order against Johnson, a restraining order they don’t believe police took seriously enough.


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The questions have been ‘could Johnson’s previous connections in the police department have impacted their hesitation to act? Could this situation have turned out differently if the police had taken a different course of action much sooner?’

Several people have since slid into The Shade Room’s comment section to weigh in. “People need to normalize accepting rejection and moving tf on. Taking one’s life is never worth it,” someone commented.

“He took all proper precautions and the system still failed him,” another person wrote. “He tried to handle everything the right way with the law and they failed him. This story is so sad and disappointing! Justice for Carlos!!!” someone else penned.

“Omg he slaughtered him. That’s terrible. People need to learn when to let go and be okay with being let go of,” another user shared. “This was a huge loss to the Black & LGBTQ community. This story definitely touched us all, what a horrific way to go.. Just pure evIl,” someone added.