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13-Year-Old Boy Got Caught Acting Like A Thug By His Mom



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Bro Got Caught Acting Like A Thug By His Mom

Homie Got Caught Acting Like A Thug By His Mom

A video of a young boy who who got caught while acting like a thug by his mom is currently going viral. In the initial video, the 13-year-old is seen throwing up gang signs while doing the street talks with his peers.

However, in the follow up clip, his mother is seen scolding him after she caught him acting like a thug in the first video.

He’s seen in the viral video crying and denouncing any street related activities after being scolded or probably disciplined his mom. “I don’t have any permission to be on Instagram,” he said in the clip.

“You’re 13 years old, you need to focus on school,” his mother said. “I need to focus on school,” he echoed. “Exactly.. bye.. go read your book,” she added.

The video is currently going viral on social media, garnering mixed reactions from netizens. “Now when he crash on sombody for bullying him for this video u gon wonder why he REALLY jumped inna streets STOP EMBARRASSING YOUR CHILD,” someone commented.

“He still gon be active,” another person wrote. “This got gon add fuel to a already burning fire now he gon have to prove his toughness every time he encounter someone,” someone else penned. “Nah bra da way she said bye go read a book woulda pissed me off to da max momma or not,” another user added.

“Dawg aint no way my mama woulda made me get on video and say this, whats wrong wit these new niggas,” a user commented in disgust. “This is hella fucked up he already getting bullied for ts and yall gon post it,” someone else added.