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Chris Brown’s Daughter Royalty, Takes Drastic Step On Child Support Issue



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Chris Brown’s Daughter Royalty, Takes Drastic Step On Child Support Issue 

Chris Brown‘s daughter has caught onto her parent’s dispute. The 4-year-old kid has allegedly tried to resolve their financial disagreement on her own.

Dreddsworld got info that Nia Guzman, Royalty’s mother, had already filed legal documents claiming that Brown’s child support payments were insufficient. The father’s legal team fired back with documents claiming that Guzman is misinforming the child about their financial situation. Guzman’s actions are called “disturbing” as she is accused of dragging her child in the middle of an adult situation.

During a deposition, Brown’s lawyer asked Guzman about this communication with her daughter. The baby mama admitted that she did, in fact, discuss financial matters with the child but only because she had asked why they weren’t living in a normal house.


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While the artist lives in a mansion located in Tarzana, Guzman and the kid live in a 2-bedroom apartment in Woodland Hills. They are said to share a bed. Guzman believes Royalty is “unhappy with the housing arrangement.”

Questioning during the legal proceedings revealed that Royal had taken $300 from her grandmother’s purse and taken it back her house. Guzman says her daughter handed her the money.

“She told me she took the money so she could buy me a house because she wanted her own room.”
The mother says she will remain honest with Royalty about the difficult situation: “If she asks me, when she brings it up, I will tell her the truth.”
She also claims that the father allows Royalty to wear the expensive clothes he buys for her when she’s around him, but is forbidden from wearing it when she goes back to her mother’s house. Guzman claims that Brown forbids it and asks Royal to switch outfits before leaving his side.

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