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Kanye West to Perform At Drake’s And Migos Show – Beef Over



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Kanye West to Perform At Drake’s And Migos Show – Beef Over

Kanye West‘s overture towards Drake didn’t go unnoticed. According to TMZ, the Canadian rapper is willing to call it (their feud) water under the bridge.

Dreddsworld has it that Kanye West first apologized on Twitter, praising Drake for his cirque du soleil-esque stage dynamics. In the example shown, a giant Scorpion apparatus creeps up from behind. The illusion Drake has created is in reality nothing more than a high resolution 3D projection, as confirmed by those who’ve taken part in the festivities.


Kanye was clearly drawn to the multimedia aspect of Drake’s stage presentation. His own “floating stage” apparatus constructed in 2016 bore a similar illusion of grandeur. In all seriousness, Kanye’s compliment to Drake doesn’t come without cause for “friendly” competition.

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Kanye West has reportedly expressed a willingness to take part in the show somehow, most likely as a spectator. TMZ’s sources have said that Drake will not bar Kanye West from attending any show on the Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour. In fact, security have been instructed to let him pass inside under any circumstances. Kanye has adamantly denied passing any information over to Pusha T put towards “The Story of Adidon.” Kanye has vowed to attend a Drake concert as a symbol of good faith. The opportunity is ripe.

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