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Close Up Pictures Of Cardi B’s Swollen Face



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Close Up Pictures Of Cardi B’s Swollen Face 

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj got into a Fight last night – at NY Fashion Week. The fight was allegedly caused when Nicki Minaj made a comment about Cardi’s daughter.
Well the videos circulating do not show ALL of the fight. According to people on Twitter who were AT the event – there were actually PUNCHES thrown – and Nicki managed to CLOCK Cardi in the eye. One Twitter witness claims, “Did you see Nicki clock Cardi. She hit her with a quick jab.”

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And clearly someone managed to put hands on Cardi, cause her face definitely had a giant KNOT on it. We located the below photographic evidence of Cardi’s face after the incident – and she definitely had a lump above her eye.

See close up pictures below :

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