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Exclusive – Rapper Trina Is Pregnant.. All You Need To Know About Her White Baby Father



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Rapper Trina Is Pregnant

Female rapper Trina is pregnant, Dreddsworld has confirmed. The platinum selling rapper is one of the most influential female artists ever. She is one of the artists responsible for the rise of the hip hop scene in Florida.

Well now Trina is about to be a mother. One of Trina’s close friends told Dreddsworld  that Trina is expecting her first child.

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 The 43 year old rapper and her boyfriend – who we’re told is a “White cuban” from Florida who is “wealthy” are reportedly very happy. See also : Kendall Jenner Explicit Uncovered Pic Leaks Online – She Doesn’t Have The Kardashian Figure

Here are pics of Trina performing last week, she’s clearly preggers, and looks very happy about her situation.



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