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Drake’s Dad And Jhene Aiko’s Dad Meet At A Club.. Check Out The Two Old Pimps – Pics



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Drake’s Dad And Jhene Aiko’s Dad Meet At A Club

It was a night of Legendary Fatherhood last night, as Jhene Aiko’s Father, Dr. Karamo Chillombo, a.k.a. Dr. Chill, came to watch Drake’s Father, Dennis Graham perform with The Real Deal Band at Envy Lounge in Newport Beach. 

The two were introduced by their mutual friend, Hip-Hop Artist and Publicist Garry “Prophecy” Sun. Dennis will be joining Drake tonight in Vegas for UFC and Drake’s Tour with Migos at MGM Grand on Saturday night.

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Even though the two never met before last night, they both looked like they could be kin.

See picture below : 


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