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RnB Star Kehlani Is Pregnant And BabyFather Is Gay – Details



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Kehlani Is Pregnant And BabyFather Is Gay

R&B singer Kehlani just announced that she’s pregnant, by her best friend.
If you’re shocked – so are we. First off, Kehlani recently announced that she was a lesbian.
Second, her baby’s father appears to be gay.

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The two of them decided that this was the right time for them to start a non-traditional family together.
Here’s what she told fans:
i’ve always been very open with you all about my personal adventures & accomplishments… this was the HARDEST to hide. if you know me, you know i’ve dreamt about motherhood since i was very young. when asked what my goals are, it’s always the idea of a big healthy happy family & whatever comes along is a plus . i am so honored to be given this gift by spirit, creator, and an amazing partner whom i trust with my body and life after a very traumatic experience that had me afraid of interacting with men 

as a whole for what i was sure would be forever (i’ll tell that story when it’s time). i knew sharing something so personal and precious could bring stress into my world but there isn’t a word anyone would say my way that could take away from this. dearest little girl, i am so proud to be your mommy. i am so proud to have received you. i cannot wait to meet you, i know you will be 50,000 times more special than i can even imagine at this moment. i am happy to document this journey and feel the freedom any pregnant person should. i’m looking forward to sharing my little world with you all… my partnership with my very best friend and lover, our journey of conception, my choice for a natural home birth with my AMAZING midwives at @parteramidwifery and eventually… the little pumpkin! i am now a HOME. 4 months and counting with you, angel of mine. SHE DONT WANNN HIDE NO MO 🌸🦋😍 we’re so ready for you mija

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